James Allen Review

Company name:

James Allen Diamonds Inc

James Allen Showroom

Private Company

Owner: James Schultz

Year of founding: 1998

Showroom: 551 Fifth Avenue, 6th Floor, Suite 601, New York, New York

Telephone: 877-826-9866

Outside USA: +1-301-631-1414

Website: www.jamesallen.com

What is on offer

  • Loose cut diamonds.
  • They also offer to set the diamonds into platinum or gold jewelry (rings, pendants, studs).

James Allen consistently offers finely cut diamonds and beautifully-crafted rings for hundreds to thousands of dollars less than traditional retail sources. The company has been around since 1998 and has established itself as a well respected name in its niche as an internet-only diamond retailer. Customers of James Allen report that great service is still alive and well. That’s just one of the great things they are known for. One very important and exceptional reason people turn to James Allen to find a diamond is because you can see high resolution images of all the stones listed. Surprisingly no one else offers high resolution images of the diamonds they stock. James Allen is the only place that has managed to set up their business model in such a way. This is very considerate of them and also a very attractive Ace up their sleeve. You see, once you start looking for the perfect ring you may really want to get a close look at what you are getting, and if you are really keen on examining your precious stone, James Allan is the only place that offers a high resolution image of every stone they list. How many? Up to 100,000 at any given time!  With excellent prices and outstanding service why would you want to look anywhere else? They also have a system which makes it possible for them to process your order very fast. Certainly faster than many other retailers in this business. If that wasn’t enough they offer 30 day money back guarantee to really make sure you are happy. Now that’s saying something. Positive reviews for this company are in the thousands!

Reasons to buy from James Allen:

  • High Resolution Images
  • 30 day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Shipping
  • Huge Selection
  • Signature Cut Available
  • Outstanding Customer Service
    • Answers Emails
    • Returns your phone calls
    • Knowledgeable and extremely helpful staff
  • Overwhelming amount of positive reviews by satisfied customers
  • iPhone App available
Special Features: 
  • Design your own ring
  • Site available in four different languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian
How does James Allen manage to keep prices so low?
The reason you can get such good bargains at James Allen is because they do not own their inventory, therefore less capital is required. This results in their not relying on debt to finance their inventory, and less capital is tied up in inventory. It stands to reason that this will not require the same mark-up that a retailer would normally have. James Allen’s stock is held by the diamond manufacturers. Therefore when you shop at James Allen you are getting about as close to wholesale prices as possible without having to buy an entire box of diamonds. James Allen was very smart with their decision to only list diamonds that they can photograph. It is totally understandable that anyone who goes shopping on the internet for a diamond wants to see an actual photo of what they are getting. And this is what has made James Allen stand out from other online-only diamond retailers. To my understanding the diamonds listed on James Allen’s site are held by manufacturers that are in close physical proximity to their New York offices. This makes it easy for them to send their photographer over and get a photograph to the same standards as the rest of the diamonds James Allen lists. This also differentiates them from a drop shipper as they examine every diamond before being shipped by their quality control department prior to shipment to ensure care and satisfaction.
The benefit of being able to see a high resolution photo is only minimally offset by the slight disadvantage of a diamond not being available when you are ready to buy it. If it has been sold by the manufacturer to another retailer then James Allen is notified immediately that it is no longer available. It happens only rarely that a diamond you place a hold on has already been placed on hold elsewhere as James Allen is informed instantly once a diamond has been taken off the market. However if two people are trying to buy the exact same diamond at the same time then it certainly is a possibility, though as mentioned before it’s quite uncommon. I estimate that there is a 1 in 3000 chance that this may happen, though I haven’t checked this with James Allen. Don’t despair if this does happen (as unlikely as it is). With over 80,000 diamonds available at any given time there should be another close match that will make you just as happy. 
Buying a diamond from James Allen will save you a stack of cash. All you need is to learn a little about what makes a diamond look good. At first it can be a bit of a jump into the deep end if you are not familiar with the words used to describe diamonds. To make the most of your savings at the very least you should be familiar with the 4C’s. Once you understand the terms in use, James Allen allow you to very easily specify what parameters you want your diamond to have. Then when you perform a search you will get a list of diamonds within your specifications. Once you’ve narrowed it down sufficiently you can look at the diamonds through a virtual jeweler’s loupe and make your decision accordingly. You are welcome to send me a message if you have a short-list of stones you are considering buying and I will do my best to identify the diamonds which in my opinion are the nicest. You can also read my tutorial on how to choose the “sparkliest” Princess cut diamond.
Recommended viewing before buying diamonds: www.jamesallen.com/diamond-education/