Insider Secret: Diamond Fluorescence

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Fluorescence is one of those things that is all too frequently subject to confusion.

Is it good? Is it bad? Does fluorescence affect the brilliance of a diamond? And if so, how?

Here are a few points which might  help cut through some of the confusion surrounding fluorescence.

I want to draw attention to the two seemingly contradictory things that have been said about fluorescence

  1. Fluorescence can make a diamond shine brighter.
  2. Strong fluorescence can give the diamond a milky color in daylight.

Both of those statements are true. However not all fluorescence is going to give a “milky” effect.

Fluorescence can make a diamond sparkle even more than other diamonds because the fluorescence adds a tiny little extra boost to the glow of the diamond.

Then comes the second statement, which doesn’t appear as favorable: Fluorescence sometimes gives a diamond a milky appearance  in daylight (or any light which contains Ultra-Violet light). The thing that few people know is that this is quite rare. I am only talking about diamonds graded as having fluorescence. It is only one in 50,000 diamonds with strong fluorescence which will look milky in daylight.

Since it is only possible to judge how fluorescence affects the brilliance of a diamond by having eyes on the diamond most people stay away from the ones which show strong fluorescence when buying diamonds online.

Stones with mention of fluorescence get priced lower.

Getting a Bargain Out Of Diamond Fluorescence

The savings we get by buying a stone with fluorescence come with a risk of the diamond not looking as brilliant as one would wish.

However as this is not the case with every single diamond which has a strong fluorescence some people are willing to take the risk. This is pretty smart because the risk is in fact extremely small. Some diamonds with strong fluorescence are actually very beautiful. The fluorescence makes some diamonds look fantastic when exposed to UV light, and they will look even brighter than their grading report suggests.

But there is a way to ELIMINATE any and all risk of getting a “milky” diamond:

And here is the secret: Get Brian Gavin’s Blue.

He hand picks the diamonds to apply this cut to (called Brian Gavin’s Blue) so he only works with those diamonds which are the brilliant kind.

Brian Gavin is extremely choosy when it comes to selecting diamonds to work with. With the fluorescent diamonds he chooses he selects only those which have the  desirable version of fluorescence. He  purchases stones whose grading reports mention strong fluorescence specifically to be cut with this signature cut designed for stones with the right kind of fluorescence.

And the good thing is that you get to save money because fluorescent stones are priced lower!

This is a Brian Gavin Blue and you can see how it looks in different lighting conditions:

All these diamonds have been closely examined and vetted so there are no “milky” type diamonds at Brian Gavin Diamonds:

More Diamond Sellers With Non-“Milky” Fluorescent Diamonds

Diamonds-USA also inspects all the diamonds they have in stock and guarantees that none of their diamonds are cloudy. David Braverman personally checks every diamond in their inventory to make sure there are no inferior, cloudy or “milky” diamonds in stock. See: home page screenshot
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