How to buy an engagement ring

So, you are thinking about buying an engagement ring, and you jump online to find out what’s on offer.

You discover that there are engagement rings ranging from $50 to $5 million. Then you start reading about the real diamonds and discover terms like “VS1”  and “J” clarity and “enhanced” and “grading reports” and “inclusions”.   Aaargh! It starts getting to be a little much! You just want a diamond ring. And no one wants to walk into a jeweler, be confronted with options like “rhodium dipped white gold or platimun, or yellow gold” without knowing what it all means.

Jeweler: “How do you feel about inclusions”

Customer: “They’re nice. No one likes feeling left out.”

Ok, so here is my recommendation for what steps to take to make the selection process straight-forward and painless.

 Quick Guide

The order will sometimes vary, and you may go back to step 3 after going to step 4, but you have to start somewhere, so we’ll start with

  • Step Number 1: Decide if you want a real diamond or not.
  • Step Number 2: Decide on your budget
  • Step Number 3: Choose a setting style
  • Step Number 4: Find the right diamond
  • Step Number 5: Buy the engagement ring


Throughout the process you’ll learn about diamonds and soon get to understand all the terms so you know what you are paying for.

This video covers these points and a bit more (in a slightly different order)

Reasons people buy diamond rings and diamond jewelry online

The most common reasons people give when asked why they bought their diamond ring or diamond jewelry online are related to budget.

Most people when asked why they chose to buy online rather than at a bricks and mortar jeweler said they wanted:

  • More diamond for the same money
  • A higher quality diamond for the same money
  • More control of the selection process
  • More control of the time they spent

Even though few people in our survey said they wanted the same diamond for less money, it is likely that the other options simply looked like a better idea.


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