How Do I Pick The Best Asscher diamond?

The following instructions show you how to find a beautiful Asscher cut diamond.

The way Asscher diamonds are cut show off the clarity and lustre of a diamond. This is why we sill stick to higher quality characteristics when choosing Asscher cut diamonds or any step cut diamonds for that matter.

If you are using James Allen you get the added advantage of being able to view the diamond you are buying, and not just a stock photo of some random diamond cut to a similar shape.

Every diamond is unique so this is quite important when buying online, though it is often possible to glean enough information from a diamond certificate (a.k.a. grading report or diamond dossier).

These instructions will work at a number of sites including James Allen, Blue Nile, DiamondWave, Diamonds-USA to name a few.

The example shown here is from James Allen.

How To Find The Best Asscher Diamond

Go to

Click on Advanced Options

Choose the following:

  • From the Shape selections check: Square. Some sites have the label Asscher available as a selection, in which case you would select Asscher.
  • From the Color selections check any or all of the following: D, E, F, G, H.
  • From the Clarity selections check any or all of the following: IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1
  • From the Symmetry selections check both of the following: Excellent, Very Good
  • Lab: Leave unselected, though you can fine tune to show only GIA and AGS if desired, after initial search.
  • From the Polish selections check both of the following: Excellent, Very Good
  • From the Cut selections check: Ideal (If this doesn’t give you any results then check Very Good)
  • Carat: Leave as is for first search. You can adjust it if you get too many hits.
  • Price: Leave as is for first search. You can adjust it to fine tune the results after initial search.
  • From the Depth selections place the sliders so the results show stones whose depth percentage are between 64.0 and 68.0.
  • From the Table selections place the sliders so the results show stones whose depth percentage are between 60.0 and 68.0.
  • From the Fluorescence selections leave as is. Fluorescence is the last and least concern.


The internal characteristics show up quite clearly in step cut diamonds like Asscher and Emerald. With other shapes it is possible to browse through the diamonds on James Allen and find included ones that look ok, but with step cuts it’s always safer to stick to ones that have less inclusions and are of a higher color grade.