Height of Perfection

Today I set myself a challenge to identify a diamond that embodies perfection.

This is the diamond that would be given to someone who embodies elegance, perfection, and class.

The aim here was to locate a stone that is outstanding, above average, yet still have that hint of the nature, so just shy of Internally Flawless. We wanted to locate a stone for anyone who wants something outstanding, but not garishly big. I wanted to have the stone to still be easily differentiated from a synthetic diamond by an expert, and this clearly translates well with the characteristics someone might see in the recipient: perfection for all to see, yet remembering the fact that they are still human.

So this is why the diamond would have to be double the average engagement ring diamond.

  • 2 ct.
  • as close to “D” color as possible.
  • Almost no inclusions.
  • Cut, polish & symmetry all had to be perfect.
I decided on a Select IdealTM round cut diamond from Union Diamond. This is a superior cut and this cut ensures the maximum fire and brilliance.
Se here is our
Catch Of The Day:

Loose Diamond Round E VVS1 2.01 GIA Certified

Loose Diamond Round E VVS1 2.01 GIA Certified
Loose Diamond Round E VVS1 2.01 GIA CertifiedThis diamond’s proportions are so exact that it has been classified as a Select Ideal Cut by expert Gemologists. Nearly all light that enters the Select Ideal Cut diamond is reflected from facet to facet; and then back to the top of the diamond which produces maximum brilliance, fire and beauty. Select Ideal Cuts can only be found at Union Diamond.

This gets our “No Regrets” stamp of approval without hesitation.