Diamonds-USA review


I was pleasantly surprised when I first  this discovered Diamonds-USA. Not only do they have a good website name, they have a well run business that gets top marks on all counts. I highly recommend taking advantage of the automated chat popup that offers to send you details on whatever specifications you are looking for. They are one of the longest running online e-commerce stores having launched online in 1997. If anyone knows the diamond business it’s Diamonds-USA, who have been cutting since 1979. If you are looking for something very specific try Diamonds-USA as they may have exactly what you are looking for. All their staff are knowledgeable and eager to help you find the perfect piece.

David Braverman, the founder and owner of, is a third generation diamond cutter. As one of the first diamond jewelry websites, began serving global customers as far back as 1997. Diamonds-USA was founded on the vision of removing traditional middlemen. More than simply an online retailer Diamonds-USA are jewelers and are able to design and create jewelry exactly how you want it. Diamonds Inc. is the U.S.A Diamonds and Jewelry sales division of the David Braverman Diamond Cutting Industry in Israel. They have a huge variety of natural diamonds as well as a decent selection of clarity enhanced diamonds / color enhanced diamonds. These options are excellent for those looking for a clearer or vividly colored diamond but want a more affordable option. The enhanced diamonds are clearly marked with the letters CE in the item’s title and “Clarity Enhanced” in its description. Diamonds-USA has actual photos available of some of the diamonds in their inventory. I found that many of their enhanced diamonds have actual photos included in their description.

Their prices are basically wholesale as they are close to the source, having cut out the middle man.

A very attractive option in regards to payment is that they let you receive the diamond before you pay. This is so you can inspect the diamond and be certain that it suits you and lives up to your expectations. Before anyone gets any ideas, Diamonds-USA do prevent anyone scamming them, as the system they employ is to simply place a hold on the funds on the buyer’s credit card, send the merchandise, and only debit the money after 10 days have passed. This makes it easier to cancel the transaction if the item needs to be returned without unnecessary hassle for either party.

Reasons to buy from Diamonds-USA:

  • Only high quality diamonds
  • In-house Designers
  • Pay only after receiving the jewel
  • Free Insured Shipping
  • One of the Widest Selection of Diamonds and Settings
  • Outstanding Customer Service
    • Answers Emails
    • Returns your phone calls
    • Knowledgeable and extremely helpful staff
  • Overwhelming amount of positive reviews by satisfied customers
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