Diamond Wave Review

If I were to tell you that Diamondwave is "more than just your typical jewelry site" you may be inclined to think,

"Great! But what does that mean? Seriously. Everyone says they are exceptional."

Well, there are a couple of things that make them special.

First of all the family that launched Diamondwave in 2008 have been in the diamond industry for over half a century. As they have made it their mission to provide great customer service you're off to a good start knowing you'll be taken well care of.

The fact that they take great pains to provide top tier quality diamonds and make these diamond available at a low price should already make you want to sit up and take notice.

Diamondwave hand picks every mounting to ensure exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Diamondwave doesn’t sell the off make diamonds like  the ones you would find at a generic online jeweler or mall jewelry stores. Diamondwave sells well cut diamonds. Every diamond is hand selected for quality.

Diamondwave also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all DiamondWave diamonds and jewelry. You have 45 days from date of shipment, to inspect the jewelry and make your final decision. If for any reason you decide not to keep the jewelry, DiamondWave will accept it back in its original condition, for a refund or an exchange. Now that's a solid guarantee.

DiamondWave's team of customer service representatives and Master Jewelry Consultants will provide the service and information you need to make the best possible buying decision. Whether you're purchasing a diamond engagement ring, a gift for a loved one or that special piece of jewelry you've been dreaming about, DiamondWave will deliver what you're looking for at an outstanding value.

Decide what diamond you want to buy. Diamondwave offers diamond clarity from Flawless to I2 Clarity and Color D-Z. If you need help deciding what diamond to buy, or have questions call their Diamond Consultants. Diamond pricing depends on all the usual factors including, cut, weight, color, and clarity. Diamonds are a commodity, which means that diamond prices fluctuate and are updated on the website.

Whether you want a loose diamond or have it set, the choice is yours. Diamondwave are happy to send you a loose diamond if you prefer to set it in your own setting. Diamond wave can also set one of their diamonds in a setting they carry. They do sell some settings without a center stone as an option as well. These are non-returnable as your jeweler will set your stone. Or Diamondwave can find a specific style available from their casting companies. If you can't find it on Diamondwave's web site, you can simply email them an image and they will let you know if they have that design available.

Have a look at some of the settings provided by Diamondwave: