Diamond Wave Review

I first came across DiamondWave when I started my initial research into the best places to buy diamonds. When I created this website I didn’t want to just list some generic vendors with mediocre sites, but wanted to find places whose good practices run deep, whose interest in providing customers with outstanding service I would feel throughout the entire process of my discovering the details of the company and their history.

I figured that one of the ways to determine if a vendor would be categorised as one that I can recommend as one of the top places to buy an engagement ring, would be to not only measure them against the competition, but to collect as many customer reviews as possible.

The first sign that this company would make the list of the top ten diamond jewelers was when I began reading the reviews left by customers. Seeing that they have 100% positive reviews gave me confidence that I was on the right track.

This was very encouraging because I really wanted to have another vendor on my list who provides a longer “money back guarantee” time period. Longer than the standard 7 day return policy, that is.

DiamondWave has a 45 day return policy. Already I was sitting up and taking notice. I hadn’t even started comparing the prices. As soon as I did look at their prices I knew that anyone looking for a diamond ring would be very thankful for my referring them to DiamondWave. Price of course is a very important factor and when coupled with good service makes for a winning combination in my books.

One of our favorite jewelers: DiamondWave

I have been in email contact with Pamela from DiamondWave. She is constantly mentioned in customer reviews. Her help and expertise are repeatedly raved about .

The reason I emailed her was to find out more about DiamondWave, in particular I wanted to find out what DiamondWave’s stance was on signature diamonds.

Signature diamonds are diamonds that have been designed and patented by one cutter and usually available exclusively through one company. Some signature diamonds can be exceptional and definitely worth the premium while other signature cuts turn out to only be a slight variation on an excellent cut, and would frankly present minimal added value.

DiamondWave already has some of the best cutters in the world and didn’t feel it would add much value to design and market their own signature cut. But they do stock the Criss Cut signature diamond, and the Round100 signature diamond. But looking for a signature cut at DiamondWave is not absolutely essential since their cutters cut only very good or excellent/ideal stones. Add to this the fact that DiamondWave sells top whites (not top browns as most online sites do). They will never stock deep stones nor shallow stones. Deep stones and shallow stones are diamonds that have been cut at an acute or obtuse angle which does nothing for the look of the diamond and end up looking dull because light is not carried back to the beholder’s eye.

You can see that DiamondWave’s standards are very high. This is how their family have stayed in the diamond business for 70 years!

DiamondWave owns the diamonds they list on their site; they do not buy from other vendors. If needed they can get in any diamond that a customer wants. Their specialty is searching for diamonds for customers. Their inventory changes daily as they receive new stones in from GIA.

DiamondWave’s loose diamonds have grading reports (also referred to as certificates). Their online preset products do not come with a grading report/certificate. This makes it possible to have preset products priced an average $200 lower than competing vendors with similar products. The preset diamonds are all Very Good cuts.

At DiamondWave the diamonds are 90% Canadian mined. It is very important to note that as they own all the diamonds they list they do not need to rely on other vendors to supply or ship their products, as most online companies do. As a family owned and operated company they take a very personal interest in their stock and hand select all stones.

Also provided by DiamondWave is a retail insurance appraisal of value. These appraisals are based on current data of the retail market. This is actually a very important point. Some places give appraisals that are way over the price that was paid. They figure that the customer will feel like they got a great deal. However if the appraisal is inflated, while a customer will at first be happy they have gotten a bargain they’ll soon change their mind when they realise they have to pay a higher insurance premium.

DiamondWave offers a Ten Year Trade up program with all GIA stones.

Once in awhile you run across a business that runs things in such an idyllic manner that you just want to tell everyone to check them out!

Here’s one of those companies that is just deliciously perfect.

Check out their neat little diamond anatomy chart: