Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

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Diamonds with no inclusions are rare and as a result can command a rather high price tag.

For every diamond that is colorless and without inclusions there are millions upon millions of stones that have inclusions to lesser or greater degrees.

Inclusions can get in the way of a diamond’s sparkle. For this reason a great deal effort has been dedicated to exploring ways that these diamonds can be made beautiful.

Not every diamond is a candidate for clarity enhancement. There are only certain conditions which can be addressed by enhancement techniques.

It is estimated that one out of every 500 diamonds in need of clarity enhancement can have the process applied to it.

The techniques developed are quite advanced and involve some pretty high tech machinery.

A vast amount of research and expense has gone into developing diamond clarity enhancement.

One of the methods used in clarity enhancement involves laser-drilling a microscopic hole in the diamond. The inclusion if not made of diamond itself is then cleared with sulphuric acid.

If required the hole is then filled with a patented substance that is extremely durable. Though the ingredients are not public knowledge you could compare the filler to something like molten glass.

It has a high refractive index, meaning that light passes through it in the same way that it passes through a diamond. The material is also used to fill tiny feather fractures in which case no drilling is required.

Clarity enhanced diamonds are much more affordable than naturally occurring diamonds, all other aspects being equal. For many people the trade-off is worth it.

Diamonds-USA offers a huge range of natural diamonds. They also stock clarity enhanced and color enhanced diamonds. All listings of their Clarity Enhanced diamonds show the letters C.E. making it very easy to see which diamonds have received some form of treatment.

You will quickly see that Clarity Enhanced Diamonds have prices far below natural diamonds of the same size and grading.

Here are a few points to keep in mind when buying Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

  • Make your purchase only from outlets or online vendors who disclose in writing all treatments (including laser drilling) to diamonds and other gemstones in compliance with the FTC Guidelines and the AGTA Gemstone Enhancement Manual.
  • Find out if the vendor deals with any lab created stones and if they are clearly labeled as such.
  • Find out about any imported stones and whether they are labeled with country of origin.
  • Read the written disclosures and disclaimers on sales invoices and laboratory/grading reports.
  • Only buy clarity enhanced diamonds that have a lifetime guarantee on the enhancement such as is provided by Diamonds-USA