Valentine’s Day Sale at Brian Gavin Diamonds

Get up to 8% off at

Create the perfect piece for your special someone and give them an everlasting symbol of your love this Valentine’s Day.

When you pair a diamond (or diamonds) with a pendant or earrings, you’ll enjoy up to 8% off the diamond (or diamonds).


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Terms and Conditions
 1. Cannot be applied retroactively to purchases made before 12:01 a.m. on Wednesday 1/11/17.

2. Cannot be combined with any other discounts, besides normal Wire Discount.

3. All bank wire payments and checks must be received by end of business day, Wednesday, Feb 15, 2017 otherwise price will revert to original listed bank wire price.

4. Brian Gavin Signature Diamonds include - Signature H&A or Blue, Round, Cushion or Princess Diamonds. Offer is not valid on "Black by Brian Gavin"

5. To receive discounts - purchase must be made online, and both diamond and setting must be purchased

6. Discount does not apply to settings

7. Special offer only good until 5 pm CST, Friday 2/10/17
 8. 8% includes 3% wire dscount for wire and check payments, receive 5% off for credit card and Paypal.

Discount coupon for Diamonds-USA

Great news for those who want to take advantage of discounts at Diamonds-USA. They have announced a new discount voucher just in time for valentine’s day.

The coupon code is currently listed here on
Expires Feb 28 2017

A couple of reminders why you would want to buy your diamonds from Diamonds-USA: They offer the option to receive the jewelry before you pay so you can inspect it first. They offer diamonds which have all been inspected by David Braverman for top quality and clarity.They are the source: they have their own cutting facilities, which means they’ve cut out the extra step (and removed the additional cost) of having the diamonds displayed in a retail store. They offer CAD design, so you can get your ring customized exactly the way you want it.