Exclusive Coupon Available for Luxury Antwerp Jeweler Baunat

Today we have a special treat for you.

It’s an exclusive coupon code for all readers of this website.

This 3% discount coupon was the result of my negotiations with stylish and elegant designer jewelry shop BAUNAT.COM

This company is one which we feel extremely privileged to have partnered up with for many reasons:

  • Elegant designs, not only their diamond rings, but all jewellery
  • Original and stylish concepts
  • Extremely high quality diamonds
  • Direct from the diamond capital, Antwerp
  • Knowledgeable diamondeers and jewelers.
  • Generous 30 day return policy
  • Free Insured Shipping
  • Easily switch between currencies
  • 20 year product guarantee
  • Talented designers and skilled artisans
  • Outstanding quality
  • Efficient system keeps their prices low
  • Diamonds selected directly from the sources who have been suppliers of the best quality diamonds for the past 100 years
  • Website can be viewed in six languages
  • Very informative website and extensive FAQ section.
  • Fast service guaranteed
  • Reliable and efficient couriers used
Baunat Diamond Jewellers
The coupon code is: MTTBNT and it will get you a 3% discount on their already fantastic prices. You will not be disappointed.
Valid until April 30, 2013


Featured this month: Diamonds-USA

So this month we are going a little more in depth into why Diamonds-USA is a great choice for your diamond purchase.
If you read through the list here carefully you’ll notice that the reasons selected are quite important considerations. Just read on…

There are over 250,000 diamond sellers around the world. What makes this company stand out?

Well, first of all, David Braverman  the founder and owner of  Diamonds-USA is a third generation diamond cutter and.

He was an early adapter of ecommerce, starting in 1997 which in internet language is comparable to the dawn of time. He cut out the middle man by selling his loose cut diamonds in engagement rings, diamond earrings and pendants directly to the public offering reasonably priced diamond engagement rings that anyone can afford.

They promise top customer service and transparency. From the many happy customers they have you can see that they really do live up to their credo: to give the best customer service possible, before and after your purchase.

They are knowledgeable about jewelry and this is why so many people find the diamond of their dreams here. You may too.

They’ve done a very brave thing: you can actually email former customers and ask them their opinion. Well, if that isn’t confidence in your own product and service I don’t know what is.

They offer flexibility. What is flexibility? Each jewel on their website is available in white gold, yellow gold or platinum or a special white metal alloy of gold and palladium.

As the jewelry is manufactured in-house, all jewelry can be custom made in any combination you desire.

Diamonds selection: There are many poorly cut certified diamonds in the market – cloudy and dull diamonds. This company simply will have none of these in their inventory.

Besides their thousands of in-house certified loose diamonds, they can get you outsourced diamonds as well, in order to maximize the diamond selection.

Return Policy: Simple full Money Back Guarantee, No Questions asked.

Where do they ship to? Worldwide and they have free insured shipping to your doorstep.

Diamonds-usa.com on MSN and Yahoo: Yahoo Shopping has chosen the Diamonds-USA jewelry tutorial to show at yahoo stores.

Microsoft Money has chosen Diamonds-usa.com as one of the leading online diamond suppliers in “Getting closer to the source” Try them and see for yourself…


Find Your Perfect Loose Diamonds at Diamonds-USA:

Browse for your perfect diamond, and your perfect ring setting

  • Round

    For almost 100 years, cutters have been perfecting their art in effort to achieve the grandeur and luster of the round diamond.

    View All Round cut diamonds

  • Asscher

    A uniquely modified square Emerald. Being a trademark design cut, Asscher diamonds are short in supply and highly sought-after.

    View All Asscher cut diamond

  • Princess

    Brilliant, square diamonds with no trimmed corners. An extremely popular choice for engagement rings.

    View All Princess cut diamonds

  • Radiant

    Rare and unique, the Radiant Diamond features beautiful barely trimmed corners. This cut makes an exceptional choice.

    View All Radiant cut diamonds

  • Cushion

    Gently rounded like a cushion, this exceptional cut has been in high demand for

    over a century as a solitaire.

    View All Cushion cut diamonds

  • Pear

    Pear shaped diamonds go back to the 1400s. These stones are most popular as engagement rings & pendants.

    View All Pear cut diamonds

  • Marquise

    This slim and point-ended cut, set parallel to the finger & often embellished

    by accent stones. Popular for wedding rings.

    View All Marquise cut diamonds

  • Heart

    The heart shape is mostly in demand in recent years for pendants.

    View All Heart cut diamonds

  • Oval

    Elegant and luminous, oval diamonds compliment feminine fingers, and are usually extremely fashionable among small-handed women.

    View All Oval cut diamonds

  • Emerald

    A rectangular cut of the emerald diamonds featuring trimmed corners and rectangular facets, popular when set with accent stones.

    View All Emerald cut diamonds

  • Triangle

    Also “Trilliant Diamonds”, these stones are often used in stud earrings. Chosen wisely, this cut can be a splendid center stone.

    View All Triangle cut diamonds