Buy a $12,000 ring on a $6,000 budget

We all want to get the best deal for our money.

Shopping for a diamond ring is no exception. Of course we want to get the best value possible for our hard earned cash.

So how can we judge the value of a diamond?

Some would say that there are only two ways:

1. Become a jewelry professional.

2. Ask a jewelry professional.

Even if you take the second option it helps to get to know about diamonds, and familiarise yourself with the terms and what they mean. This way at least you will know what you are buying. And if you are getting good value.

That’s what we all want. Good value for money.

Well we have some very good news for you. Buying online is good value!

There are huge savings to be made when buying online. And here’s the online diamond sellers’ little secret which helps them keep their prices low. They let you choose the diamond, and the setting and then they set the stone in a ring.

This give you good prices, but the drawback is that it adds of a couple days. So how long would you wait to save $5000 plus. Is a few days ok?

Our website lists not only the best diamonds available online, but you get to find out who are the best businesses  who deal with those diamonds.You know as well as I do that there’s no point dealing with a business that is known to rip off their customers. And the beauty of the way the internet is used these days is that customers can leave reviews on sites like iVouch, ePinion,TrustPilot, and TrustLink.You might be like me and read as many reviews as possible, paying special attention to the negative reviews. I always figure that the negative reviews say a lot more. It takes guts to report something negative. And if the company responds to the negative comments, you then get to see to what lengths they are willing to go to make the customer feel happy. Or maybe you are more interested in how many reviews there are in total, because after all if a company is losing customers by behaving badly they are not going to stay in business for long. So, by this reasoning, lots of reviews means it’s been in business a long time, and has obviously been doing something right.

Well, I figure that it doesn’t hurt to take both measures into account:

Buy from companies with lots of reviews, and make sure the reviews are good ones.

But even after having found the right place to buy a ring from there are still so many things to decide on: characteristics of the diamond, ring style, ring metal, etc.
In the end we just want something ideal, as close to perfect as we can find.

You may be thinking, though, that sometimes you just want to skip the details and get straight to the point.You just want to find a real nice ring, with the highest likelihood of being just perfect, but at the same time you still want to have a decent amount of time to return it, just in case. And you also don’t want to have to wait for the supplier to fiddle around with making the ring, placing the diamond in the ring, or any other delays.
If that’s what you want, then you’ll be very happy with what we’ve found for you here.
I have these jewelers listed as My Top 10 Diamond Websites because not only do they offer the right prices to compete with other online dealers, they have a generous return policies! This is unprecedented in the diamond business! For years the standard was 7 days, with a few brave souls giving a 10 day return policy. The best online retailers are blowing the competition out of the water by their avant guard approach to business. They seem to be thinking of everything and we are feeling quite spoilt for choice: customizable rings, long return policies, choice of hypo-allergenic metal (palladium) and a huge variety of gorgeous ring designs. Now if you haven’t thought much about the design I can tell you that the halo look ranked the highest in surveys which asked women which diamond ring  design had the highest “Envy Factor”.
This online jewelers I am presenting you with here have a huge selection with many customizable features. Want a customizable halo? No problem. What about customizable side pave so you can choose different gemstone if you would rather have a different color? Easy.
If you are overwhelmed by the amount of information when dealing with diamond jargon and would like a little guidance and a couple of pointers, send me a message using the contact form and I will prepare a report just for you with a select diamond or two that you may find are perfect for your needs.