Best Value 0.70 carat Round Brilliant Ideal Cut

When one of these comes along it’s a sure thing that it won’t be around for long. It’s clear from the high resolution image that it is a stunning beauty. The symmetry is mesmerising and I can guarantee that this stone is absolutely eye-clean as you can clearly see that any inclusions are not visible on the table. With any of the (very small) specks you see when looking at this stone through the virtual loupe just imagine those specks (inclusions) being one eighteenth of the size you see! That’s how you know it is eye-clean. Those specks are microscopic.

The size of this 0.70 ct round when viewed from above is 5.68 mm across. This is barely a millimeter smaller than a one carat diamond, but about $4000 cheaper!

Diamonds under 1 ct when graded by GIA receive a Diamond Dossier. This also costs less than the full grading report which 1 ct stones and greater get. The main difference is that you don’t get an actual mapping of where the inclusions are. But this is why James Allen is so great. You can look directly at the exact diamond you will be getting and see whether or not it looks perfect, or close to perfect.

What really makes this stone great is that it is an Ideal Cut. This is always one of the most important considerations when choosing a diamond.

The photo is taken in such a way to be able to view the diamond’s features, so it doesn’t show how much it sparkles, but this stone is a real sparkler.

Those arrows in the middle will of course not be black when you look at it. GIA did a study and found that the stones which show those dark arrows in photos were the ones that got the greatest positive response from consumers.

Shape:  Round
Carat weight:  0.70
Cut:  Excellent
Color:  I
Clarity:  VS2
Certificate:  GIA
 Price: $2580
Depth:  62.5%
Table:  55.0%
Polish:  Excellent
Symmetry:  Very Good
Culet:  None
Fluorescence:  None
Measurements:  5.66*5.68*3.55