The Best Places To Buy Pre-Set Diamond Rings Online

My Top 10 Diamond Websites
Following is a list of jewelers offering Pre-Set Diamond Rings.

You are guaranteed to find not only the best quality amongst these jewelers but the highest level of service. Contacting a jeweler who has pre-set diamond rings (both for engagement or other bridal jewelry) will be a simpler, more direct choice than trying to decide which loose diamond to use in a ring. The choice has already been made by the professionals.

One of the advantages of buying preset rings from these jewelers is that they have carefully selected the diamonds to be used. I decided that the factors used to determine the rank on this list of jewelers with pre-set diamond rings would first be

    • quality of diamonds used in the preset rings,
    • next factor that would weigh in would be the quality of service, and
    • third, the variety of rings available;
    • fourth factor would be usability of the website;
    • fifth would be speed of service;
    • sixth would be return policy;
    • seventh determining factor would be shipping costs/terms;
    • eighth is related to the second factor but I wanted to also make sure that the company showed that they were dedicated to providing extraordinary customer experience.


Find My Jeweler is a service designed to help you find a nearby jeweler that not only stocks good quality diamonds, but a jeweler who has passed secret shopper tests and has shown themselves to provide an outstanding service. Thousands of jewelers were scrutinized and only the best passed the tests. The service is extremely easy to use and will put you in touch with a fine jeweler.

Diamonds-USA has a marvellous selection of natural diamonds and also has beautiful clarity enhanced, and color enhanced diamonds. They stand 100% behind their product and give a lifetime warranty on their color enhanced and clarity enhanced stones. You can also receive your purchase before you pay! They offer customization service as well as a huge range of ready made designs.

Emma Parker Diamonds

At Emma Parker & Co., they have no fancy sales training courses for their employees. They don’t discuss tactics to “close sales” or “prompt decisions” they don’t believe in that. Instead each team-member is instructed and reminded over and over to treat every customer exactly how they would want to be treated in the same situation.

Diamonds International is one of the largest jewelry retailers in the world. With more locations in the Caribbean than any other fine jeweler their network also stretches from the company’s New York City headquarters into Mexico and as far as Alaska.
The founders of Diamonds International are both graduates of the Gemological Institute of America. They personally oversee every aspect of the daily operations, and source stones from the world’s largest diamond mines, allowing them to offer beautiful jewelry — at the best possible value — directly to the public.

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