Bargain 0.70 ct Round Brilliant I Color SI1

Today’s search for the catch of the day went very fast. This diamond was one of the first I looked at and it looked very promising.

But I thought it too easy and kept searching. Well I am back to the one I started with. Here is what I was trying to accomplish. I figured I would look through the stones that have an SI1 clarity grade and see which ones look the best.

Here is one which I think fits this very well. It is from James Allen, who gives us the ability to view the diamonds they list at 18x magnification. This is the only reason we can go around looking at stones with an SI1 clarity grade. Otherwise the risk of ending up with a diamond which is not eye-clean would be rather high. All the diamond vendors I recommend do offer you the option of being able to return the stone if it doesn’t meet expectations.  With stones purchased from James Allen you get the the longest return period of anyone on my list of recommended places to buy diamonds. It’s a very generous 60 days.

Since we can actually get to view specific diamonds on their site, not just sample images, we can do a bit of bargain hunting.

What I mean by this is that we look for stones which have more inclusions according the grading report, but when looking at their magnified image we see that the inclusions are not obvious. You see, just because a diamond is graded SI1 doesn’t mean that the inclusions are all at the top of the stone where they would be visible. James Allen welcomes people calling them up and asking their expert staff to actually look at the diamond as well. They will be able to tell you if the diamond’s inclusions are visible to the naked eye. They are experts and will have seen so many diamonds that thy will know instantly if it is a good buy or not.

I definitely recommend this as a great idea, especially when bargain hunting like this and trying to find a diamond with a clarity of SI1 or SI2.

0.70 Carat I-SI1 Very Good Cut Round Diamond

I tell you what. After looking at the diamonds being sold at local mall jewelers for $9,500 with huge visible inclusions that make you want to scrub them with steel wool, this diamond at $2620 just seems like an incredible bargain with a tiny inclusion which would just barely be visible.