A perfect diamond available now: 1 carat under $10000

I was recently sent a request from one of my readers who said he wanted a nice diamond, a top sparkler for about 10,000.

The one I found for him was very much like this one below, and he was very happy to snatch it up.

I thought I should post one up for everyone to have a look at, including you.

So I just checked Brian Gavin Diamonds and they have another perfect diamond available, which I think represents terrific value.

Not sure how long it will stay available since it is absolutely incredible in its perfection! It’s hard to imagine how you can cut a DIAMOND and get such perfect angles. I am impressed!

This image right here (below) on this page is a highly magnified image of the diamond. Its actual size is 6 and a half millimeters across.


This image is of the actual diamond, not a stock photo.


   Brian Gavin Signature
Brian Gavin Signature 1.050 H VS2 Hearts and Arrows Round



Type Brian Gavin Signature
Product ID: AGS-104063639011
Shape: Round
Report: AGS
Carat: 1.050
Color: H (extremely clear!)
Clarity: VS2 (hardly a speck!)
Measurements: 6.51 mm x 6.54 mm x 4.02 mm
Lab Cut Grade: Ideal (WOW!)
Light Performance: Ideal (WOW!)
Polish: Ideal (WOW!)
Symmetry: Ideal (WOW!)


Table %: 57.7
Depth %: 61.6 (fantastic!)
Crown %: 14.9
Crown Angle: 34.9
Star %: 54.0
Pav Angle: 40.9
Pavillion %: 43.4
Lower Girdle %: 77.0
Culet: Pointed
Fluorescence: Negligible (fantastic!)
Girdle Min-Max %: 1.5 – 3.6
Girdle: Thin To Medium Faceted

If you are not familiar with Brian Gavin Diamonds I have a little more information about Brian Gavin here. The diamonds available from him are among my favorites, and seem to be a favorite for many of my readers. You’ll be hard pressed to find any diamonds that are more beautiful and they are very competitively priced, which always goes down a treat with savvy shoppers.

I have no hesitation in giving this my  “No Regrets” stamp of approval.

No Regrets stamp of approval for this round diamond