0.80 Carat Ideal Cut F Diamond For Ring

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Anyone seeing the photos of James Allen’s diamonds for the first time may not be sure what they are looking at. Different people react differently. The first time my son looked at a JamesAllen diamond image he said, “Wow!, That’s an awesome diamond!” My wife, on the other hand said “Is that really a diamond? Where are the sparkles?”

Well sparkle only comes from the diamond being moved around. Also those contrast lines are only due to the neutral lighting conditions under which the photos are taken. This kind of lighting makes it easier to see the diamond’s symmetry and perfection.

In normal lighting conditions the diamond will sparkle. And the better the cut, along with a high level of “colorlessness” (like this F diamond) the better the sparkle.

JamesAllen has this information on color: https://www.jamesallen.com/diamond-education/diamond-color.html

Here is a video of one of JamesAllen’s diamonds so you can see what the diamond looks like when in motion. Evidently quite a sight to behold.

The reason JamesAllen has their diamonds photographed in neutral lighting is so you can see the diamond’s clarity characteristics. This would help you determine if there are any visible non-clear crystals or trace minerals that would impair the shine factor. As the view of the diamonds in these photos, when under the virtual loupe gives you a magnification approximately 18 times larger than life. This varies depending on what device you are using, PC, tablet, ipad, smart phone. But that estimate is based on an average size monitor.

So, why, you may ask, was this chosen as our catch of the day?

Here’s why: Since we are already saving $1000’s by buying online we don’t have to compromise on quality. This  allows us to choose one of the best cut diamonds.  For this we go to anything whose grading report gives an Ideal cut grade. Every single stone in JamesAllen’s TrueHearts range is an Ideal cut. We can still double check and see if we agree with this at a glance, by looking at the photos, but AGS labs are very strict with their grading and if they say it is an Ideal cut, it’s going to be an Ideal cut diamond. Still, I noticed a couple of TrueHeart diamonds which did not have the arrows perfectly aligned, with a very tiny misalignment on one of the “spokes”.

This diamond, which I have chosen for today, displays absolutely perfect symmetry and will make any wearer proud to own.

Shape:  Round
Carat Weight:  0.80
Cut:  Hearts & Arrows Ideal (this is extremely good!)
Color:  (this is extremely good!)
Clarity:  VVS2 (this is extremely good!)
Certificate:  AGS (this is extremely good!)
 Price: $5,710 (this is extremely good!)
Depth:  62.8%
Table:  54.6%
Polish:  Ideal (this is extremely good!)
Symmetry:  Ideal (this is extremely good!)
Culet:  None
Fluorescence:  Negligible (this is extremely good!)
Measurements:  5.91*5.93*3.72
Crown Angle: 34.2
Crown %:
Pavilion Angle: 41.0
Pavilion %:

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